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The White House is trumpeting a major boom in the emergency housing market, kickstarted by Romney-Ryan initiatives including the “Job Creator’s Tax Relief Fund,” and the final leasing of Pennsylvania and New York State to Haliburton’s Fracking Division.

Shacks, shanties, and lean-tos are up 35% nationwide, and both truck- and car-homes have seen significant growth. The trend has been under study by administration economists eager to exploit the burgeoning “transitional homes” segment, while still retaining an appearance of engagement with the dispossessed.

Seeking to take advantage of current market conditions, Press Secretary Rupert Murdoch announced that The Federal Emergency Management Agency is partnering with Amway Industries to produce and distribute a unique, flat-pack “Pioneer Spirit” home. Constructed of durable, double-ply “America-Board,” the homes will come in a number of configurations, all featuring spacious, open floor plans, and LEED-certified biodegradable design.

The dwellings meet the administration’s “off-grid” energy goal, bringing utility expenses to zero.  “We feel that harnessing natural, human body heat is the best way for us to eliminate our dependence on foreign energy sources, and the Pioneer Home seemed like the ideal platform to introduce that concept to the market, “ Murdoch said.

Pioneer Spirit by FemAmway will be distributed through a unique, multi-level marketing channel. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to create networks of partners to develop their very own “Romney-villes”across the country.

Murdoch told reporters that the Pioneer Home is a keystone success for administration policies. “Rather than give a handout to those who choose to experience natural disaster or financial ruin, we’re giving them a chance to re-build communities through market forces. This is the way America works under President Romney’s leadership.”

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